We've come a long way

Speedy Ventilation Pty Ltd comes with a wealth of history and experience. We are extremely proud of our past.

Kevin Walsh first began in the ventilation industry in 1977 when he served his apprenticeship with Bresblue Australia. Under Bresblue's guidance and abundance of knowledge, Kevin thrived ahead to eventually become the General Manager.

On Bresblue’s winding down, in 2005, Kevin continued forward and formed Speedy Ventilation.

With its enthusiasm, dedication and precision of work, Speedy Ventilation cemented itself as an industry leader in kitchen ventilation solutions.

In 2016 Speedy Ventilation underwent a necessary change in management and corporate structure. With this change came a new direction and renewed passion. Ryan Walsh evolved in his role and expertly stepped into the position of General Manager. With this father-son team, you are guaranteed a personal and professional service at every level.

With over 40 years experience and our dedicated team, we take great pride in the products and services we offer.