Domestic Canopy - Blacktown

Denis made the traditional mistake of installing a high output BBQ in an enclosed area with an off-the-shelf exhaust canopy.

Upon first use of the system, Denis quickly realised that area was unusuable as the canopy did not have the capacity to remove the smoke from the enclosed room.

It was at this point that Denis researched his options for a commercial grade domestic canopy in order to solve the problem at hand. He was very particular about his requirements, in order to ensure that the area remained aesthetically pleasing, whilst also concerned about ensuring a suitable solution.

After obtaining several tenders, Speedy Ventilation was engaged to design, manufacture and install the dometic canopy that Denis required.

The end result is a very satisfied customer as can be seen from the video and written testimonial below.

Thank you Speedy Ventilation.

My rangehood that was designed for a 6 burner BBQ was not functioning very efficiently. I would operate the BBQ with a wall of fans that would redirect the excess smoke out the door but often it went further inside the house.

Speedy Ventilation solved my problem with a much more efficient system. I could not believe how well it worked. I completed burned a sausage to test the new system. The Speedy Ventilation system not only sucked up all the smoke but there was no smell and I only had the fan on half speed.

Kevin guaranteed me that the system would work, or he would increase the motor size to my satisfaction. Speedy Ventilation stood by their product which was very reassuring. Because the motor was on the roof, and that is where the noise is generated, the new system was surprisingly very quiet. It is very easy to have a conversation standing under the rangehood. This was not the case with the old rangehood.

I am also extremely happy with the quality of lighting that was provided with the Speedy Ventilation system.

The system was installed by Omar and two other men. They arrived on time were very professional, considerate and went the extra mile so that I was happy. It is impossible for any water leaks to occur because of the excellent effort with materials on my roof.

The new system was installed well, works well and looks very sexy. The sexy look was the main reason why my wife picked this design and it has now become the hero of the room.

Again, I cannot say how happy I am with this new ventilation system from Speedy. I highly recommend for anyone who wants a serious ventilation system to contact Speedy Ventilation to take away all your problems.